Pineapple Summer Beach

The summer program focus more on team competition. It's ideal for both beginners elite beach athletes. The athletes will learn how to function in a more objective enviroment an tournament play.

There is a $25 Evaluation Fee.  


Mon & Wed 6 to 8pm (May)

Tues & Thurs 6 to 8pm (starting June 5th)

Elite Team 3 - days Tues / Thur / Fri

Pineapple Fall / Winter

The Fall program is a continuation of beach training. We work more on breaking down skills and situatioal training. 

This program is set - up to work arouond players school volleyball.

Program Starts: 

Sunday Sept 9, 2018 to Wed Dec 5, 2018.


Sunday 3 to 5pm

Wednesday 6 to 8pm

This season offers 1 - day training or 2 - day training

Pineapple Spring Beach

Starts Feb to May 2019